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Привет, Салам, Хай, я буду делится с вами о том, о чём думаю и то, что у Ланы пюсси пахнет пепси колой, меня это совсем не интересует.Кому интересны мои мысли, вступай! P.S. Мадонна-шлюха. Почему ты должен вступить в нашу группу: 1.Рианна. 2.ГаГа. 3.И все остальный. 4.ГаГа. Скачать песнислушать музыку и песни онлайн на сайте музлостайл. The singer wants to know exactly how giving birth would affect the depth of her vagina…. What can you say really? The girl lives to make men (and women) cum in their pants.

That's just what Rihanna does. The best part about it is that it's probably a fan video that someone sent to her and she loved it enough to share it with the whole world. A real lady of the people! Don't ever change, Rihanna. Rihanna Pussy | Rihanna fucked in her wet pussy. Find this Pin and more on Rhi by wall1641. See More. Nero Sports Bra - Black FitnessApparelExp.

"I'm a huge Rihanna fan," Ensler is quoted by MTV as saying. "I think she has a kind of agency over her sexuality and she's open about her sexuality, she has enormous grace and she's immensely talented.

Preview - Rihanna interview on Ellen DeGeneres Show 11/14/12. She's already a world-renowned activist, playwright, performer and feminist — but "The Vagina Monologues" scribe Eve Ensler definitely had time to talk pop when we spoke with her following a very special conversation held for MTV staff as part of its Pioneers series. The famous playwright says the Bajan star has "enormous grace" and has hailed her talent. Rihanna has been praised for her "daring sexuality" by acclaimed feminist writer, and author of The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler.

A recent New York Times interview revealed the singer's fear of having a deep vagina. Preview - Rihanna interview on Ellen DeGeneres Show 11/14/12. I'm shocked that someone has made a thread about Rihanna. And of course the OP is talking about some made up rumor. She's one of the most successful and most beautiful females on the planet, but she's non existent entity on DL.

This site is fucking weird. Plus Wanda Sykes and Jane Lynch speak out for Obama and more. Is one of your major fears in life the inability to clear your Google search history before you die? Well, you're not alone in searching for weird things -- Rihanna does it too.

Rihanna shows ENTIRE Vagina On Beach!!!! Very Detailed Picture!!!! Rihanna FentyRihanna ShowMans Best FriendBeachesNudePicturesSexyBlack WomenWeird. See uncensored picture by clicking below! What a week, political scandals dominated the headlines around the world. Berlusconi faces trial for paying to have sex with an underage girl, Mubarak goes into hiding and is reportedly the richest man in the world.

Rihanna listen up: Rachel Halliwell has given birth three times and is pleased to report that her vagina is OK and she can still smile in photographs.

Aren't women amazing?

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