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He complained to a reporter. “But who gets blamed? Me. Tough guy Rahm. No one wants to blame Barack, because he is who he is. So fuck you.”22 The Emanuels were a profane and volatile brood, but with a near-pathological sense of duty.

The next day at the president's 7:30 a.m. staff meeting, Valerie Jarrett let it be known that the first lady was “dissatisfied” with the way Gibbs had handled the matter. As Jodi Kantor recounts in The Obamas, Gibbs blew his stack. “Fuck this, that's not right, I've been killing myself on this, порно онлайн инцинт this coming from?” he bellowed.

Landlocked, its Saturday night at the end of the world. And there's a pharmacy in my pocket. And I've had my eye on you since the tide got low. (You're so obvious) Spread your legs. And fuck the world. This is war. (Yeah) This towns a virus. And you're a whore. We are war. Silence, the sky is an ocean, were being swept out. Welcome to the forum of choice for The President of The United States, Donald Trump!

Be advised this forum is for serious supporters of President Trump. We have discussions, memes, AMAs, and more. We are not politically correct. Please read and respect our rules below before contributing. Лучшее порно видео с моделью Эммануэль Диниз. Смотри онлайн где Emanuelle Diniz трахают в разных позах. Порно видео Эммануэль Диниз. Я УВЕЛИЧИЛ свой ЧЛЕН на 7см не выходя из дома! Эммануэль Диниз. Plan секс попи учебник tomorrow is to rent a truck, head to Costco, load up, and drive north to TP the living fuck out of Wisconsin.

Go Bears. 08:58:37 PM With the NFC championship game vs. the Green Bay Packers coming up that weekend, the whole city was obsessed.

In 2006, when Howard Dean's 50-state strategy delivered the Democratic Party a whopping victory in the midterm elections, he climbed over the people who did the real work to claim credit for the landslide.

Fuck you kevin you fat creep - Duration: 0:20. Requests Channel 16,623 views · 0:20 · fuck you kyle youre a fucking idiot - Duration: 0:07. Requests Channel 12,872 views · 0:07. FUCK YOU FOR CHEATING ON ME CODY - Duration: 0:07. Rahm Israel Emanuel is an American politician, who is the 44th and current mayor of Chicago. A member of the Democratic Party, Emanuel was elected in 2011 and re-elected on April 7, 2015. Born in Chicago, Emanuel is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Northwestern University.

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3 replies 553 retweets 1,681 likes. Reply. 3. Retweet. 553. [Republicans] can go fuck themselves! Quoted in San Francisco Chronicle. You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. … This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not before. Interview to the Wall Street Journal, November 19, 2008.[1]. So that's all I give a fuck about.” Unlike recent chiefs of staff from the Bush and Clinton eras, who tended to be relatively quiet inside players, Emanuel is a former congressional leader, a Democratic Party power, and one of the more colorful Beltway celebrities.

When Tony Blair appeared with Clinton at the height of the Lewinsky sex scandal in 1998, Emanuel is reported to have offered a typically terse warning: "Don't fuck it up." Emanuel's persona has mellowed somewhat since his election to an Illinois congressional seat six years ago.

For Go Fuck Yourself.” Emanuel is the epitome of the establishment New Democrat: a opportunistic centrist with a background in fundraising and high finance who tries to mask his utter disregard for the poor and disenfranchised by being a vocal supporter of special interests like gun control and gay rights.

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